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For your best chance to succeed in buying a business within 99 days using none of your own money, you need strength of mind — and that’s what this module gives you
Learn THE RIGHT businesses to search for
Create an avalanche of deal flow.
The steps to take before your first meeting with a seller.
How to analyze the numbers to determine if the business you’re looking at is worth making an offer on.
Create a compelling offer that is highly likely to be accepted by the seller.
The different types of deal financing and how to best use them.
How to hire lawyers and accountants to do all the due diligence for you… at no upfront cost!
What happens on the day of closing.
How to massively and quickly boost your cash flow once the deal is closed.
As a dealmaker consultant… you can charge $25,000–50,000 for your upfront retainer fee… PLUS! You can get paid what’s called a “success fee” when the deal closes.
How to buy a complementary business that serves the same customer base.
Find businesses selling at fire-sale prices.
Exactly what you need to do to find buyers who are willing to pay a great price…

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